Life & Letters

From 2005 to 2010 I studied German & Comparative Literature, Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Münster and completed my Master’s degree with a comparative study on Walter Benjamin and Jorge Luis Borges, published under the title “Topographien des Verschwindens” (2011/2018). In April 2011, I began my doctoral studies at the University of Potsdam in General and Comparative Literature (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ottmar Ette) at the Institute of Romance Languages and Literatures. At the same time I took over a short position as a research assistant. In November 2011 I was admitted to the DFG Research Training Group “Life Forms + Life Knowledge” as a scholarship holder. In this context, I completed my PhD thesis “Homo academicus goes Pop. Geschichte, Struktur und Kritik populärwissenschaftlicher Subgelder akademischer Wissensproduktion” in February 2015, published 2016 under the final title “Homo academicus goes Pop. Zur Kritik der Life Sciences in Populärwissenschaft und Literatur”. Since 02/2015 I have been a research assistant at the Institute for Romance Studies at the University of Potsdam with a focus on general and comparative literature with guest lectures at the Universidade do Paraná in Curitiba in Brasil (2016/2018).

One of my main research areas focus on the relations between Science & Literature, History of Popular Science Writing, Poetics of Knowledge and the Comparative History of Intellectual Fields and Academic Writing. Further investigations deal with interdisciplinary approaches on Poetics of Memory as well as Theory and History of Reading.

My current project focuses on the history of the concept “figura” in Philosophy, Literature, Natural Sciences and Visual Arts from 16th to 19th century, inspired by Erich Auerbachs first approach to write a short history of this concept.

My own theories on literature, texts, writing/reading, media and culture are inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche, Walter Benjamin, Jorge Luis Borges and Erich Auerbach.